Original Artwork

Monaara's themes are illustrations of our creator's imagination. Each theme reflects patterns of the creator's sub-conscious reflections from myriad places, cultures and occasions. Patterns get interleaved into creations. Hand-sketched and painted impressions retain intricacy. Colors and shades play with the paradigm.




Digital tools are used to experiment elements of the artwork. Different styles, layouts and color combinations are attempted before down-selecting a few that we believe create and exclusive interpretation of the intent.

The chosen styles are then further perfected and enhanced. While we use digital techniques to improve the design look and feel, conscious effort is made to retain handwork imperfections.




Suited fabric is then chosen and the artwork is digitally printed in very limited quantities. Very high quality printing ensures exclusivity. Finally, the scarves are elegantly hand-hemmed to create a soft personal effect.

These are timeless classics, conceptualized and designed in London.

At Monaara, we truly believe in a social world and are open for ways and means to make this better. We love to hear your thoughts, feedback, comments. Please drop us a line or two to happy, write to