Our Story

About Monaara

Monaara is a manifestation of original contemporary artwork by creator Monika D Kalra into a unique, luxurious and confident wearable experience.In sense and spirit, we are passionate about our artist creating daring hand-painted illustrations and evolving to high quality digitally impressions on pure & elegant fabrics.


The themes for our collections is inspired by subjects and objects that mind the responsible and fashionable dwellers.  We aspire to be a destination for those who appreciate a sophisticated experience tendered by contemporary and meaningful art. Our products with varied subjects are designed to suit versatile feminine moods and constructs. Our first line is an exquisite collection of scarves with contemporary themes - Aqua, Bliss, Liquor, Mask and Fashion Geometry.


Monika Dhamija Kalra

Creator, Monaara

Monika is an artist, a creator and she has continued to engage with hi-fashion industry for more than 10 years in different roles spanning across Creative Head, Fashion Designer, Merchandiser and Fashion Stylist. Her forte has been hot couture Indian ethnic. During her tenure, she has engaged with exclusive luxury and consumer brands such as Satyapaul, Intercontinental Hotels, Hyatt, Claridges, RCKC London.

She continues to experiment with her styles, enjoys playing and twisting contemporary themes with redolent colors and patterns on subjects.

The key inspiration behind conceiving Monaara has been a fashionable interpretation of exquisite and unique cultures she continues to experience during her worldly and inspirational travails. Some of her travel experiences include getting inspired by contours of Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain, right from the tea cultivating English highlands of Central Malaysia to the waves around Penang, Niceties, and luxuries of French Riviera. Time spent in the Americas varied from the soaking in ever inventing cosmo culture of New York, heavy waves of southern Florida, to larger than life, the glitter of Vegas. Fringe Festival at Edinburgh continues to be her favorite.

She believes trends are transient, but personal styles are forever. She actively helps fashion-conscious individuals discover and realize their personal dressing styles.

Lately, her exclusive styling has helped lift up the whole paradigm of luxury in contemporary Indian ethnic hi fashion in London.

Monika grew up in New Delhi, India and is currently based in London, United Kingdom.