The Hampshire Hog in Hammersmith hosts Monaara: Bold, vibrant & Artistics Scarves & Paintings by Monika D Kalra August 14 2014

The Hampshire Hog hosts Monaara by Monika D Kalra this August 2014. Monika, the artist, fashion designer, stylist and Chief creator behind Monaara will have her colorful & exquisite scarves and paintings on display at The Hampshire Hog, Pub & Pantry, the best garden in Hammersmith.
Location:  227 KING STREET, LONDON W6 9JT Tel: 020 8748 3391
Contact:, 07456489777
Transport: Tube Stations - Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith
Dates*: Thu - Sun, 21-24 Aug & 28-21 Aug 2014
Open Hours: 12 noon - 10 pm
* Paintings will continue to be on display during throught 21-31 Aug 
Born and brought up in a family trading fabrics since 1960's, Monika founded Monaara after moving to London. The purpse is twofold - 
The first is to allow fans of Monika's art to wear a piece of her art - in the form of a scarf. The boldness and the vibrancy of her patterns & art, makes the scarves such a distinctive and noteworthy fashion accessory, that a Monaara is all you need to make a fashion statement (with an LBD).
The second is to allow people to experience a bit of a gorgeous silk sari, without actually wearing a sari, but in the form of a scarf. The scarves are pure satin silk, and are fine baby-roll hand hemmed. They are even more delicate and fine than the finest of silk saris, and bring with it the elegance and grace similar to what is experienced when one wears a sari.
Monika continues to believe that “Trends are transient but styles are forever” and actively engages with people in discovering their personal styles. Diverse subjects in her designs suit versatile feminine moods and constructs.
Visitors will get a chance to try out exclusive Monaara scarves also get personal styling advise from Monika on contemporary ways to wear scarves.
About The Hampshire Hog
The Hog specializes in seasonal, responsibly sourced food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  All complimented by well-loved beers, innovative cocktails and an eclectic selection of organic and biodynamic wines. The family friendly pub provides 90 covers in a beautifully crafted, harmonious, original style in a light airy building, with a stunning garden for sunny days.
About Monaara
Monaara is a bold, vibrant and artistic scarves and paintings based on works of fashion designer, stylist and emerging artist Monika D Kalra
Born and brought up in Delhi a family trading fabric since 1960s, Monika grew up being neighbours envy wearing hand-stitched and dare to wear silhouettes from leftover fabrics. She went on to study Fashion Design in 2000 and spent formative stages of her career at major Indian design houses like Satya Paul and Vasari, her last role being Creative Head of Tejoo Fashions.
She started Monaara after moving to London. With Monaara scarves and paintings she brings together the richness & vibrancy of Indian fashion colour palette in a contemporary western context. With rich satin silk hand hemmed scarves, she also makes possible for people to experience the elegance and finesse of a silk Sari, the traditional 9 yard Indian attire.